This blog is designed to motivate, inspire, educate and support the single parents in Australia,  Here we share single parents struggles, successes and journeys.  We hare educational write ups about money, mindset, kids and more.  Plus some articles, contributions and information about co-living from peoples experiences, to statistics to the benefits.  I hope you enjoy all of it and find some advice, help or ideas which might help your single parent journey to be that much easier and enjoyable.

How to parent a child that does not sleep well

I wanted to write about something a little left field. I recently did some market research and some feedback I received was very interesting, so interesting in fact, its worth a blog. A few mums had commented that the information they wanted was on how to cope as a parent of a child who doesn’t sleep well. Now, we all […]

The Village: why we need it and how to build it

There is a lovely African proverb: ‘It takes a village to raise a child.’ African culture recognises that parenting is a shared responsibility – a communal affair – not just the concern of parents or grandparents, but of the extended family. Uncles, aunts, cousins, neighbours and friends can all be involved, and all have a part to play. In our […]

Hot Tips For Sharing Space (RE:Kids)

[NB: for the flow and ease of reading, I’ll refer to the breakdown of a Mum/Dad relationship. The same advice applies if there’s a breakdown of a Mum/Mum or Dad/Dad relationship.] Regardless of the reason why you need to, having 2 unrelated children begin living under the same roof will always come with its own set of challenges. Think sibling […]

How to truly move on after divorce

“Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die” -Malachy McCourt.   You may have heard this quote before, or a variation of it.  This idea is simple and logical.  However, applying it in everyday life can be extremely challenging.  Divorce can bring up feelings of hurt, resentment, anger and bitterness.  And these emotions can linger long after the legal […]

Essential Oils Can Help Kids

There are many different ways to deal with the transition from a 2 parent household to being a single parent supporting your child/children through what can be a very difficult time in their life. I was one of 3 children in a single parent household from a very early age and was also a single parent of my 2 oldest […]

Just keep on smiling, you’ll be OK

My story as a single parent began with the death of my husband, James, to bowel cancer in 2011. This was something we never imagined happening. We had three children, Lachie, Bella and Jessie, and we dreamed of a fulfilling life together. James was diagnosed with Stage IV bowel cancer right from the start and spent two and a half […]

Self Care for Single Parents

Does fitting self care into your day can feel too hard? Here are 5 ideas to make self care simple AND fulfilling. Dance to a song which makes you smile It might be a song your parents loved or one that reminds you of a holiday. My go-to songs are “Faith” from “Sing” or anything by Michael Jackson.  Dancing is […]

The Legals of Share Accommodation

Finding or offering share accommodation is a fun social interaction, however, a few simple steps can make the whole process a lot simpler and safer for everyone. Discussing rights and responsibilities as a tenant or landlord can be awkward when moving in with someone you barely know – at times it can even feel like a breach of the trust […]

The Key To Co-Living Success

I am a single mother of a daughter. At one stage we had another single mother and her daughter move into our third bedroom. Our daughters used to play together at the playground. The other mother told me the owners were moving back into her rental and she didn’t have bond money and had nowhere to go, so I offered […]

This is my story….

I am a single mum raising two kids with autism, it’s five steps forward, three steps back.’ If I had a crystal ball 14 ago, would I have changed the decisions I made?   Let’s start at the beginning. In 2004, I met my soulmate on an online dating site. We clicked instantly, were married two years later, and things were […]

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