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Throughout her 15 years experience working within the legal, housing and welfare space Daisy began to identify a growing gap in the housing market, noting individuals were finding themselves without a long term place to call home.  Be it co-ownership or co-renting.

Following her work in the housing space, Daisy saw that many individuals were being priced out of the housing market due to expensive rental properties, limited deposits/bonds and lower incomes.

It was because of her experience in housing, and her understanding that this lack of affordable home ownership has long term impacts on people, that she decided to do something about it. Using the ‘stranger’ economy to establish affordable housing, she developed the idea of connecting individuals together to enable them to co-own a home and Mortgage Mates was born.

Mortgage Mates is the first co-ownership platform in Australia, matching two or more Mates to own a home together.  As Daisy developed Mortgage Mates she saw a gap in the market for renting as well and decided to take up a very good opportunity of purchasing ShareAbode, the co-living renting option for people wanting to save on bonds and rental payments.

Daisy took over ShareAbode mid 2022 from former Founder Wilhelmina Ford.  A single mum with two kids who found ShareAbode in 2019 for the purpose of building her own community around her under one roof, reducing rent and everyday expenses, to help support and ease the single parenting journey.

Wilhelmina still keeps up to date with this field but has started a journey in a different niche.

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