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Helping single parents share the load

ShareAbode is an Australian wide platform that connects single parents wanting to share the load of rental and living expenses.

It allows single parents access a higher standard of living, help with parental duties and support emotionally.

Backed by a system of verified and security checked database of single parents and comprehensive profiles.

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I work with single mums daily, and have to say what a BRILLIANT idea this is. Home sharing is the way forward for single parents who not only want to share the cost of living, but for those who feel isolated by their situation. I hope single parents sign-up and list to get this initiative off the ground and working its magic.

Lucy Good, Beanstalk


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What an excellent idea!! Fantastic concept & congrats for being a total genius, How many women put up with or go back to bad situations because they don’t have the knowledge, support & finances to go it alone… very well may have just saved some lives and souls with this brilliant concept as well.

Linda Russell

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