ShareAbode works on the principle that two single parents raising children together, sharing resources, rent and living expenses together can achieve more than one going it alone.  If rent and expenses are half the cost, then savings will be doubled and financial obligations for a single parent would be less stressful.  Single parents living together can afford a better house or apartment within a safer neighbourhood because it is shared and therefore a bit more than the single parent budget can be afforded.  The resource of having another single parent living under the same roof benefits also the burden being lightened of chores such as cooking, cleaning, garden maintenance, sometimes laundry and even some child care aspects such as homework or carpooling.

Children can also benefit, especially if they are only children and the sharing parents have kids of similar ages, its like having an “unofficial” sibling and can establish a relationship which is not just dependant on the one parent but the other parent and their child or children.  Sure, you may loose some “me” time but the advantages far outweigh. Doing this for a few years can save money for a deposit on your own place, create a solid and lifelong friendship for you and your children with the other family.

Single parents who have no rental history can benefit as it is not through a real estate agent, but another single parent.  Single parents trying to pay the mortgage on a family home can benefit so they can reduce the rent and hold onto this home and single parents struggling to make ends meet benefit because of the cost cutting.

This service gives single parents a profound amount of stress relief which alleviates fatigue and depression, allowing healthier interaction with themselves (self-confidence), with their children and with life in general.  By offering single parents this platform to connect with one another for house sharing ShareAbode hopes to make a significant difference in the social and economic lives of single parent families from all backgrounds.

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