Creating a good profile is key to having more match opportunities.  Likes, dislikes, ages, favourite quote, things you and the kids love doing, suburbs you will move too, schools they go too, what you want from a house mate and whatever you think will show someone who you and your children really area.  Having references is a great added bomb to really help your profile stand out.  These can be from past flatmates, from best friends or work colleagues.

Since so much depends on personalities and and both single parents mist like each other enough to share a house it can take a little while to find the right fit.  To get the most out of the service, make sure you search the listings often and even out of the suburbs you may naturally want to look at because the perfect single parent for you might be an extra 15 minutes from where you want but the right house and right single parent is so much better than the right neighbourhood with not so compatible a single parent.  Be open, look often, meet often and take time to make the connection.

It is recommend that you get to know your potential cohabiter before moving in together.  Visit one another places as this shows a lot about their lifestyle and habits.  It is important to visit with and without the children, the children need to be able to get along.  You can do a few meetings, out to dinner, at one another places, at a park etc.
Our profiles include personal data designed to supply other members with general information and with the verification process this sows they are legally a good person and what their strengths and weakness are with the Gallop Strength Personality Test.  There are references on member profiles (if they choose to do this) and the combination of these security measures and your meeting with them a few times with and without kids will make it easier to finding the right share house situation.

Setting a clear intention is the most powerful thing you can do to get what you ant. Being crystal clear about your outcome will drive your thoughts, responses and results.  With tis in mind, consider what you need from the other single parent.  Think in term so fat households ho ti could operate, and what benefits your house-sharing would reap.  Be realistic in determining what is most important to you, and do not fear asking for that.  With that in mind, ponder how you will reciprocate in your ShareAbode household.

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