We are beyond grateful

Natalie and I met via Share Abode late 2018 and after meeting a few times to discuss things like our ideal home, values and parenting styles we decided to introduce our two sons Willem (5yrs) and Ford (3yrs). They got along immediately and so the hunt for our home begun. It all happened quite quickly and we all moved into in a 3 story apartment in North Melbourne in January 2019. Nat and Ford have the bottom level, Willem and I have the top level and we all meet on the middle floor for play time and shared meals etc. I am beyond grateful for Share Abode for giving us the opportunity to meet. Yes we have reduced living costs and share parenting and household duties, but above all we have this beautiful family life that it seems we all longed for. It’s the sweetest thing, our sons call each other ‘house-brothers’. Whenever I tell people how Natalie and I came to meet and share a home via Share Abode they say ‘WOW! What a brilliant idea!’. It really is, and we are beyond grateful.


ShareAbode is a great concept

I think ShareAbode is a great concept and I wish it was around when my daughter was younger. It’s a hard job raising kids alone, and having someone else around even just to chat to (and share the rent!) makes it all a little easier.

Melissa Jaeger

Such a wonderful site

I found the share abode a great way to meet single parented families looking to halve their costs of living and connect our children with other children.

Willo was great with her follow up emails to ensure I was getting the best out of the site. I have successfully found another mother to share my home and living expenses with thanks to such a wonderful site.

Kylie Bailey

A fantastic platform

I was recently made aware by a friend about ShareAbode — a platform that allows you to connect with other single parents, looking to share accommodation together. The platform allows you to create a profile with your desired area and budget and information about yourself and in turn you can search and connect with other like-minded parents; this is a fantastic platform, quite unique and very helpful. I was able to connect with three other professionals like me to help in my search of shared accommodation. I highly recommend it and find it extremely helpful.


The content is fantastic

I have to say again you are doing an amazing thing with ShareAbode. And should be so proud of what you’ve accomplished.  The content is fantastic and will hopefully make this experience much easier for many.

Melissa Jaeger

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