You hear your thoughts and words more than any person ever talking to you. 

Be kind.  Be gentle.  Be compassionate. 

Being your own best friend and cultivating self love, self care and self acceptance allows you to show up fully in your life; enabling you to be the best version of yourself, attracting and maintaining healthier relationships and it makes life more enjoyable.  You attract people at the same vibrational level at which you love yourself;  if you’re feeling broken, you will attract broken; if you’re vibing high with your cup overflowing, you’ll attract someone who is also “whole”.

Self love empowers you to rise above and dismiss relationships (romantic, friendship, family, business, etc.) that don’t serve you, and allows you to recognise and welcome the relationships that do.  Treating yourself with love also role models to your kids for them to have a healthy relationship with themselves so they also attract positive, kind and caring people in their life.

Creating a happy and harmonised relationship with yourself makes it easier to love and forgive others, it lessens the sting of betrayal (we can’t control others but we can control our reactions – “it’s okay if they betrayed us, because I have your back.” – myself to myself), makes it easier to bask in gratitude when life is freakin fantastic, and find appreciation of the lessons when life throws us a curveball.

Self love and self care can be anything from: honouring your body with healthy foods, surrounding yourself around people who uplift you, carving out me-time in your busy day, speaking nicely to yourself, taking a warm bath, prioritising sleep, committing to your workout, saying no to things that don’t light you up, etc.

Practising self love, in most cases, is not easy and is not common practice.  Just like any relationship worth pursuing, it takes hard work but merits extraordinary rewards. 

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