Chances are you spend a lot of time sitting in your longeroom.  It is a common space after all and the one you all sit and chat in, the one the kids bring their toys too and where the popcorn snacks and odds and ends creep in while watching a movie. 

Living in a home that is shared can mean at times things get cluttered.  People put things down here and there and forget to take them to they personal room or put them in their allocated area, but it can be fun and easy to spruce up and declutter, getting everyone involved.  With a good game plan, some music and and end goal, it can become an activity that doesn’t even feel like cleaning.

To start, each person, including the kids, grabs a laundry basket or similar sized container to pick up anything that’s looking out of place. Then, set a timer for 30 minutes. Put some cool music on that everyone can dance, sing and enjoy and do a sweep of the living room.


Step 1 – Start with the basics

Have a quick look around the living room for anything that’s obviously rubbish. Throw it away or recycle it, where possible. A good approach is to get the kids doing a different stage to the adults.  Kids are great at finding things in small spots, like rubbish.  Gt them to be in charge of rubbish.  Get them to start at one side of the room and work their way to the right, or left, focusing on rubbish and things like plastic cups or odd spoons found, that should be in the kitchen or rubbish bin.

Step 2 – Time to declutter

While the kids are doing the rubbish pick up, its time for the adults to look over the room again for items which you know are clutter and don’t belong in the living room.

Where to look

  • Under and around the couch
  • On and under the coffee table
  • Side tables
  • Drawers and cubbies
  • Bookcases
  • The entertainment unit

What should you be looking for?

  • In-progress projects or hobbies
  • Random objects and decor
  • Electronics
  • DVDs out of their cases
  • Toys
  • Books and magazines
  • Shoes, handbags and accessories where they don’t belong.

Now’s your chance to stop picking up everything and start dividing the things picked up.  Get the kids to join in and sort of into different baskets who is responsible for putting what away and where.  Who own what toy?  Who know were this or that goes?  And when that is down, its time for everyone to put their basket full of goodies neatly away where they belong.

Step 3 – The final review

We’re almost there. It’s time to look at what’s left in the loungeroom. Does it all still fit comfortably where it is? Could you rearrange things to make the room less cramped? Is the couches in a good position, is there enough room for the kids to play on the floor?  While your all together, and the space is clutter free, you can re-arrange and work tougher to change things up if, if needed.

Depending on how cluttered your longeroom is, this task may take a few 30-minute sessions. But the more often you can streamline the items you all have in the house, manage the items being put away when they have finished being used, the easier your next 30-minute sweep will be.

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