You can order food from the comfort of our couch, task someone to clean your home and even find a date while using the bathroom—so why can’t you expertly manage your co-living through an app?  You can!!

To keep your co-living experience  on track I’ve compiled six of the best apps to make living together easier.


Forget leaving passive aggressive post-it notes around the house and let this handy app pester the other parent instead (or remind you) whose turn it is to empty the bins, clean the bathroom or unpack the dishwasher.  Chorma allows you to allocate chores to one another or allows you both to pick chores you want to complete. There is also a points system which can be used to determine who slacked off this week and who was the MVP.  This is a great app to involve the kids with also.


SplitWise is a great app for tracking how much each parent has spent on what and who is owed what. This app will help remove any doubt around group or household purchases and avoid any future arguments that could arise. The app will even pester you both if you’re late to settle up any debts with one another.

Simply drop the amount spent, say on toilet paper, into the app and it will instantly split it equally across both of you.


If neither of you cbf completing your chores for the week or you’ve had a big week and cleaning the house is too difficult, AirTasker is the app for you.

Simply list your task and the amount your willing to pay and workers will bid to complete your task. Some workers will even offer up extras to secure your job. Once the task is complete, you can approve it through the app and the amount agreed will be paid from a nominated credit card to the worker.


If you both love cooking at home, Epicurious is a great tool to have. What better way to ‘wow’ the kids and one another at the next house dinner with a delicious meal cooked thanks to step by step directions.

Epicurious allows you to search thousands of recipes, bookmark favourites and create handy shopping lists. The app also allows you to search for recipes by excluding specific ingredients—making life much easier if you have kids with allergies (or aversions).


Concerned about one another heading out on their Tinder date or walking home from work late at night?  Or seeing their ex? Companion might be the app for both of you.  Especially as single mums and kids with mobile phones.

This app allows the user to be tracked, and will even alert authorities if they begin to run really fast and jerky, their phone is dropped or at the tap of a button.

Our Groceries

Theres nothing more frustrating that being halfway home from the shops—groceries in hand— only to receive a text from the parent your co-living with asking you to grab toilet paper or washing powder.

Shopping lists can be synced across all smart phones in the home. So if one of you wants to add something to the list you can grab it on the way home from work or vice-versa, without the need to text each other back and forth.

Remember to put the cost into Splitwise after so you know how much is owed to one another.


Some of these are free, some of these are partially free and some are paid but with the money saved in co-living by splitting rent and costs, investing in these apps each will avoid some heartache, confusion and disappointment in the future.  I am all for proactive action and sometimes the arguments of co-living can be so easily handled by ensuring up front communication and these Apps help with that.

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