Making money from the best paid survey sites in Australia? Why not? It’s a more productive use of your time than keeping tabs on the latest celebrity gossip. Fair warning though: it’s a very rewarding side hustle, but no way can it replace your full-time job. It’s just an effective way to earn some extra money to supplement your regular salary. If a site promises to pay more than your day job does, take their claim with a grain of salt.


Are Aussie Paid Surveys Trustworthy?

The short answer is, “Yes.” There are legitimate paid surveys that can help you make money. However, it depends on the company conducting the survey. For example, marketing research firms often conduct legit online paid surveys and paid virtual focus groups.

How Do You Avoid Survey Scams?

The best paid survey sites in Australia don’t exaggerate. That’s what you have to keep in mind. If it’s too good to be true, it usually is a scam. If it’s a third-party or a middleman offering paid online surveys for “easy” money, be wary. Also, avoid sites that charge membership fees.

The Best Paid Survey Sites in Australia

1. Opinion World Australia

Opinion World, as their name suggests, provides a platform for people to share their opinions about a wide array of topics. Every year, they conduct surveys concerning health, beauty, finance, entertainment, and many more. They have been around since 1977 and have offices in 15 different countries. They are a member of Survey Sampling International (SSI LLC), a global market research firm.

It’s easy to sign-up to Opinion World and you can get invites to surveys anywhere from once per week to once per month depending on your profile. Payment is either through Paypal or their Flexi eGift Card.

2. Octopus Group

Octopus Group is another market research company that gathers opinions from its members. The information they get from their surveys is used to help with product development, marketing, and sales.

What makes Octopus Group one of the best paid survey sites in Australia is its rate. You can expect to earn around $4 to $8 on most survey sites. With Octopus Group you can earn $0.28 per minute or $16.80 per hour. You will also get a $20 reward each time you refer a friend.

3. Pureprofile

Pureprofile is a decade-old company with more than a million members. After a quick registration process, you will get a survey invitation in an instant.

Apart from getting paid for taking their online survey, you may also earn when you refer a friend. As with many other paid survey sites in Australia, the amount you earn depends on the amount of time needed to complete the survey or how difficult the survey is.

With Pureprofile, you can get paid via Paypal, bank transfer, and vouchers.

4. YouGov

YouGov may be a British market research firm, but many of their panelists are from Australia. You may have heard about them already since they’re often mentioned in the media for their excellent research.

Each survey you take on the YouGov website gets you points. A hundred points are equivalent to $1. Once you accumulate 5,000 points, they will deposit $50 to your bank account.

5. Swagbucks

Swagbucks offers more than just paid surveys. You may also earn points just by playing games or watching videos. Installing their extension on your browser allows you to make easy money while you browse the web as you normally would. Plus, you get a $5 reward when you sign up.

You may redeem your Swagbucks rewards via Paypal, Amazon vouchers, or gift cards.

If you want to earn extra money or wanting to get out of debt, taking paid surveys can be a crucial help. While there may be other things you can do to supplement your income, not all of them allow you to do so in the comforts of your own home. The best paid survey sites in Australia can be a fun way to pass time while you keep an eye on your little ones.

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