Here’s my story – of how I moved on after divorce.

I write this in the hope that it can help and also inspire other women who are starting again.  I was married for 6 years and then left; with my daughter, who at the time was 18 months old. After I left, we moved in with my parents, both myself and my daughter……and our puppy. At this point in time I was working just 2 days a week, getting a small amount in child support, as well as a small government income.  I knew that if I wanted to give us a better life, I had to make the sacrifice and go back to working full-time.

We stayed with my folks for nearly 2 years and I saved really hard to allow us to buy a block of land and build a new home.  One of the first things I did was a new budget, down to the cent – so that I knew I could afford my new home loan repayments.  It was super tight at the time, and honestly I was a bit worried about how I would be able to afford it.  I went without buying new clothes, or spending much money on anything – putting everything I could into savings.  This, from a woman who used to not bat an eyelid about spending $300 on a pair of shoes!

I kept my eye on the prize, so to speak, and focussed all my attention and energy on the future, not the past.  I set goals for myself and never wavered from them.  Taking consistent action to ensure I achieved them.  Fast forward a few years, we were in our home, I was working full-time and thankfully, my income had increased to a point where I was able to purchase an investment property.  And then a few years later another one.

My husband and I had a few properties, all of which had to be sold when we divorced – so I was eager to start investing in property again.  I then approached a mortgage broker in regards to some lending and in the process, ended up with a new job – in fact a whole new career!  It was a massive leap of faith but I felt it was the right thing to do – I had a burning desire to help women invest in property and becoming a broker felt like a logical step to do this.

I again had to ensure I was super strict with my budget as my salary reduced by ⅔.  Luckily I had invested in property and that allowed me to use some equity that I could use to cover the shortfall in my income for the next 2 years – I had to use every cent!  I continued to work my butt off and 5 years later I took over the mortgage broking business.  The following year I launched my Money Coaching business – to help other women with their money.

I’m still a single mum and now juggle the 2 businesses, motherhood, our fur babies, as well as my small property portfolio.  I also still keep to a tight budget – allocating every dollar I earn, including savings for overseas holidays.  For me, budgeting isn’t about lack, or having no money – it’s about giving every dollar I earn a job.

About The Contributor:

Kaia is a single mum to a teenage daughter.  She is also a business owner, Money Coach and property investor and you can follow her below:




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