The ideal single parent scenario is one in which you have a co-parent with whom you get along beautifully, extended family and friends on both sides who are there to offer advice and other tangible support, and everyone lives happily ever after.⁠

But …

We all know that ideal scenario is also not typical. For most single parents, we may not get along with our child’s other parent — or the other parent might not be around at all. Extended family and friends may not support the decision to be a single parent (even if it wasn’t an actual decision on your part) or they may be so busy with their own families that they’re not able to offer any support to us.⁠

When you’re parenting alone any decision, no matter how small, can feel like it carries the weight of the world. You can drive yourself crazy. That’s why it’s a good idea to look for other single parents you can learn from.⁠

Look for other single parents who have kids the same age as yours so you can go through the same stages together. But also look for ones with kids who are older than yours. These are your “been there, done that” parents who can tell you what they did and how it turned out. Those are the ones who will be able to give you more than hypotheticals, but actual results that will let you decide which decision to make.⁠

When I look back on the my single parenting journey it was the other parents (single and married) that I learnt the most from, got the best support from and have created lifelong friendships with for me and my kids. ⁠

Never believe that as a single parent you are alone, your not, you just need to put yourself out there to build a support network around you that loves you and your kids.  The way you choose to live your life is how you demonstrate what life should look like for your kids.  If you want them to create a life full of amazing friends and support network …. go do it for yourself first.

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