Its all about getting results and stressing less!

I am going to show you 15 easy New Year Resolutions that you can set for yourself. And the best part; when you look back at the end of the year, you will be able to cross them all off because they are achievable and super simple.

So why super simple New Year Resolutions?

In the past, I have always seemed to focus on one really high goal because I wanted to be the best version of myself.

For example, I would say things like, I want to loose 10kgs by the end of the year. And whilst this is attainable, its just never did happen.  The journey was never as enjoyable and I don’t think they were things that really added value to me, more so what I thought people would think of me.

So I have decided that this year I am doing my New Year Resolutions differently.  Here are some of my New Year Resolutions Ideas

1) Start appreciating life

I have decided that this is the year where I need to start being grateful for everything I have in my life. From everything about who I am as a person to everything I have been blessed with in life.

Last year, I spent too much time worrying and planning about how I was going to continue growing my business as a working single mother.  I was working for what I wanted to attain, not how I wanted to feel about it all.

I just didn’t spend enough time just appreciating what I already had because I was so focussed on getting more.

Well this year I have started a gratitude journal and everyday I have bee writing in it because it changes the energy the you do it to be more positive, it gives thanks for the small things and makes us feel way more abundant than we normally would.  As energy attracts energy, if the good and thankful is put out, IN comes the good and more to be thankful for.

2) Let go of the baggage 

Whatever it was that has been holding you back, emotional wounds, unresolved issues or whatever else it may be.

It time to let that s**t go!

Its time to move on and make positive steps towards the life you want for you and your children.  So take some time this year to work on yourself and get all the help you require to do so.

Make this year a year of healing and restoration.  I am doing this by creating a life script of what I want to feel, have and be inside myself and a vision board to go with it (it includes my soulmate!)

3) Try something new

I think this year in particular, I would like to try something that I have never tried before.  If w tried something each year and stuck to it, can you image how many things we would have in our lives we love to do.

For me, it is paddle boarding.  I really want to do this and have gone to the extent of trying it already and will go and get a inflatable one to make it part of my fortnights of things I do without the kids.

4) Take Care of You

Ever since I became a single mother it’a easy to  just naturally put your kids first and neglected yourself.  I make a point of going to the gym every weekday as my taking care of myself.

The idea is to not forget about your children, but to make sure you are looking after yourself so that you give your children the best version of yourself.  I want to focus more on some meditation and other down time things that are taking care of me as opposed to always going to gym.

5) Be Present with your children

As a single mum, I have found that I have to juggle so many things.  Any time you are with your children, take the time to just focus all your attention on them.

Put aside the phone and engage with them on something they really enjoy doing.  I always look at my phone and my mind wanders to what else I could be doing so to help me with this I am going to make the beach and the trampoline more of a thing we do together because my phone can’t go to those places and its much easier to be present then.

6)Listen to audiobooks

I have started reading less and less and I keep using that as an excuse to not read, but I have decided I CAN listen to audiobooks in the car and while I make dinner, and even when I am in the shower.

Do you have any recommendations?

6) Travel More

There is usually so much to see in the city and country you live in and even more so the world I live in.

But for most of us, when we think about travelling, we think about going abroad to a foreign country on some expensive resort.

But the truth is, there is so much to see in the city I live in and even more so in the country I live in.

So let the travel adventures begin!  Can you say road trip and camping!

7) Cultivate deeper friendships

I don’t know if you’ve experienced this but I noticed that when I became a single mother, people just all of a sudden disappeared and I was just left with a small group of friends.

So if your are like me, you many have realised that these are your true friends, so take time to develop and nurture those friendships.

8) Meet more people

I like this resolution because there are so many aspects to who I am as a person and who you are as well.  This resolution is nice because you get to chose what type of people you would really like to meet.

Lets say you have a business you want to flourish, then make an effort to know more entrepreneurs in the city you live.

Or maybe you just want to meet more people who share your hobby, go ahead and find them.

And off course, if it lends itself, if you would like to date a little more, go out and see what is out there.

9) Support other single parents

I think it goes without saying that if you have been a single parent you know exactly what a new single parent might be going through.

So if you come across one in your year take the time to stand side by side with them as they embark on their journey.

Alternatively, you can join support groups and share your learning lessons or experiences.

10) Make the most of your no-baby days

I think I need to change my mindset on how I think about my no-baby days.

So I have told my friends, single mums or not, that we need to start taking some more me time and just having more fun. And so do you!

Whether that will be going out for dinners, going to the cinema or just sitting in your house alone drinking a glass of wine.

Whatever it is.  Make the most of your no-baby days.

11) Pursue your passions

Whatever it is you are really passionate about, we live in a world where pretty much anything is possible.

So take time to write down what you love doing and find a way to make that your income.

12) Exercise more

I exercise a lot, but if you don’t, I encourage you too.

The more you exercise the better you feel emotionally and the more able you are to cope with difficult times because you emotionally balanced.  Single parenthood is a marathon of a million things, and it is easier when your in good physical shape!

Plus it feels amazing to be able to look awesome while you do it.

13) Learn to say no

Leave the idea that you have to do everything for everyone in 2020.

Start prioritising and setting goals for you and your family in 2021. If you feel you are overstretched and cannot do any more of what someone is asking you for then feel free to say NO!

14) Maintain a Positive Mindset

In everything you do this year, act positively, think positively … just give out positive vibes!

It may take some time to get used to it.

But trust me,

Once you start thinking and behaving positively you start to attract positive outcomes and positive experiences.

15) Be Bold!

I guess to challenge yourself in doing things differently will require some level of boldness.

So just channel your inner warrior and BE BOLD in 2021 onwards.



So there you go!

These are my 15 super simple easy New Year Resolutions that any Single Parent can Achieve in 2021.

If you think I have left out any ideas, please comment below.


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