Mornings can be tough for a couple with kids, let alone a single mum or single dad, but you’ve got this!

The following tips will go along way to creating a routine that will leave you all stress-free, happy and positive about the day ahead.

Set Up the Night Before

Having uniforms ironed, clothes set out, sandwiches made, bags packed and ready the night before means an extra 15 minutes for you in the morning to focus on other things that need doing or spending time on with the kids before school.

Get Enough Sleep

It is really important that everyone, not just the kids get a good night sleep. This isn’t always easy but if everyone has a good rest it makes the world of difference to the morning routine.

Tired children mean grumpy children and adults! This makes the next point much easier too!

Wake up 20 minutes earlier

Make yourself a coffee, check the headlines, check Facebook or just enjoy the peace and quiet. Having this time to yourself, just for you means that when the kids wake up you have your mum or dad hat ready and you are focussed on them.

Start Positive

We don’t always wake up on the right side of the bed but take 1 minute to focus on something that will be positive about the day. Finishing your work day and getting home, having lunch in the sunshine, a nice activity planned with the kids. There is always something to be positive about and thinking positively shifts our mindset to moving forward.


Offer an incentive for who gets dressed, has breakfast and is ready to go the fastest AND helps the other one get ready.  It’s about a team effort at the end of the day and collaborating is better than competing.  I offer TV choice before school or skate park after school.  Whatever gets them amped up enough.

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