Guest Story:  By Charlotte Sapwell of Little Explorers

The first time I felt like a failure was my marriage brake down, the second time was I felt like I’d let myself and two children down because I couldn’t afford rent anymore. Not knowing what to do next I turned to my parents, they suggested we move home, just until I got us back on our feet. I didn’t want to do this, their house didn’t feel big enough.

So the suggestion of turning the old site office in their backyard into a tiny house really appealed to me. It would give us our own space, and we wouldn’t be intruding on my parents.

The only condition was I did the work myself, and I did it.

I failed year nine wood work so building a house seemed so overwhelming at first.

Over six months I worked tirelessly, doing things I’d never done before or even dreamt of doing.

I framed, lined, painted, tiled, roofed, installed taps, put in my own washing machine, built every bed in the house.

I used power tools, and felt powerful using them.

And I loved every minute of it.

I was providing a roof for my children, as well as them seeing that their Mum was capable of doing anything. I created a space we call home, and love living in.

For us tiny living came out of necessity, and honestly downsizing was the best thing that ever happened to us.

Not only did our bills halve, but the sense of pride and accomplishment brought back feelings and emotions I hadn’t felt in a long long time. I was no longer feeling like a failure. I was feeling like a strong, independent, brave and powerful woman who was willing to do anything for her children.

We spend more time together, we go outside on adventures a lot more, we don’t hold onto unnecessary things.

And I’ve found a passion I didn’t know I had.

If you’re willing to make your home a loving place, it doesn’t matter the size.

Dream big, live small.

About the Conbtributor

Charlotte Sapwell (single mum of two)

Founder of Little Explorers

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