ShareAbode is the next generation of social networking, taking interaction off the screen and into day to day life. We connect single parents for home-sharing and for community building at every stage of life, building stable homes, shared child care and stability in uncertain times. Real life social connection and home-sharing builds health and well-being.

We endeavour to keep you up to date with information that effects your single parent journey and you will find this in this resources section, so scroll through and off you cannot find what you are looking for, reach out to us and we will do what we can do help.

Why I won’t just give it up….

I was 18 when I met my ex-husband, we were married by 23 and separated at 31. What followed the separation was four months of incredible lows as I grieved what had been, and the reality of being a single parent sunk in. Money very quickly became a huge issue. I had started a Virtual Assistant business not long after […]

The Importance of Perseverance on your Single Mother Journey

Experiencing a family breakdown is a lot of things. We expect heartbreak and upset. We expect turmoil and change. But what often surprises us is the sheer determination required when taking a new path as a single mum. For many, our lives were carefully planned. They may have included things like raising children within our family unit and growing old […]

How a lack of self-nurturing almost killed me

12 years ago I quit my career and I became a massage therapist. It had been a long time coming as the work I was doing and the people I was spending every day with, was slowly killing my soul and leading me into depression. One day while I was on a women’s retreat I received a little 15min Kahuna […]

Thinking Outside The Square To Help With Rent

Normally, when you run out of bread or milk and your a single parent, you pile all your kids into the car and set off to the shops. However, there are a growing breed of single parents moving in together so they can afford a house with a backyard for them and their kids, plus the fort and the kids […]

Dream Big, Live Small

Guest Story:  By Charlotte Sapwell of Little Explorers The first time I felt like a failure was my marriage brake down, the second time was I felt like I’d let myself and two children down because I couldn’t afford rent anymore. Not knowing what to do next I turned to my parents, they suggested we move home, just until I […]

The Hidden Benefits of House Sharing

There are many reasons to house share, as a single parent, as. senior or even when your in University and most of the mainstream reasons are that its less expensive and you have company but it goes beyond this, so I thought I’d take some time to show the hidden benefits which might not be visible at first glance for […]

Home After Heartbreak

We have been featured in the Sunday Telegraph (15 April 2018).  It’s our first big media opportunity and couldn’t be more humbled and grateful for it. The article is really well written and we hope brings much needed awareness and exposure to single parents needing help, listing on the system and to people that could help bring this platform to […]

Statistics Speak Volumes

Who Am I  Hi, I’m Willo.  I became a single mum to two beautiful children in February 2017.   This was by choice, a choice for happiness, a positive home environment and stability for myself and my children. ShareAbode is a not for profit organisation that connects single parents wanting to share the load of rent and everyday expenses, as well […]

Sharing a home saved me Time & Money

Guest Story:  By Kylie Travers of The Thrifty Issue (single mum with 2 daughters) As a young adult doing a hairdressing apprenticeship no one thought anything of me sharing a house. When I was married then later as a single mother, many people had opinions on it, but I found sharing a house as a single mother to be hugely beneficial to myself, […]

Welfare changes cost single parents up to $6,000

Pension changes by successive governments have hit some of the poorest Australians the hardest, with single-parent families who rely on welfare up to $6,000 worse off over the past decade. ‘You have no idea how bloody tough it is’.  An impassioned speech by Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie ends in tears as she condemns the government’s cuts to welfare, saying “what […]

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